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Richard's girlfriend samantha had always warned him against online chatting. She told him that he didn't know who these people were or what type of weirdos they were. Of course Richard would just laugh and call Samantha crazy and paranoid to which she would just flip him off and leave the room. Richard went to his online chat account and found a user called "the role play guy". Richard absolutely loved role play, and wasn't picky about what role he played. He did all sorts of them. He started messaging the account and the role play began.

The role play guy asked what type of role play scenario he liked, to which Richard replied that he had a secret fantasy of becoming a sexy woman. The role play guy typed: Ok, well a pretty girl like you would have luscious long hair that reaches your waist. I suppose i would, replied Richard as his hair lengthened down his back like the description. He was oblivious to this as a wave of euphoria came over him, to which he attributed to the good feeling he had about this role play.

The RPG: and I would think that a sexy woman would need a cute little face too

Richard's face started to burn as it got smaller and gained, pretty and feminine features. His skin got a tan glow to it also. After that his eyes grew wider and changed from blue to dark brown as his lips became bigger and poutier.

Richard: Wow, your pretty good. Your descriptions make me feel as though the changes are actually happening

The RPG: You have no idea lol. Woah, a girl like you needs to be shorter to be more appealing.

Richard's back cracked with his shoulders, narrowed down. His arms became shorter as his body started to feel like it was compacting. Before he knew it, Richard stood at a mere 5'4 as opposed to 6'1. At this point Richard knew that his changes were actually real, but he could not bring himself away from his computer for some reason.

Richard: What the hell is happening?! How are you doing this and can you stop and change me back? I only like to fantasize about being a girl, it doesn't mean I actually wanted to be one!

The RPG: But I'm having so much fun... you told me that you had a fantasy and I figured I'd be nice and make that happen. If you can't appreciate that well... tough titties dude, DD titties to be exact :)

With that Richard felt as though he was going to be sick as a pressure made his chest feel like it was going to explode. In a way, it did, as two DD boobs erupted out of his chest. Richard screamed in horror as he knew he was turning to a girl.

The RPG: Well that's not how you should sound when you scream. I'm sure your boyfriend Samuel wouldn't like hearing that when he's fucking you. Let's fix that for him shouldn't we

Richard: I have a girlfriend named Samantha, not a boyfriend. How the hell do you know about her? You'd better not touch her or else

The RPG: Or else what lol I'm in control here, and by my estimations your girlfriend is now a guy hahaha

Richard let out a high pitched scream, confirming that the role play guy's change had once again worked

The RPG: Lets give you a sexy body too, I'm sure SAMUEL would appreciate that

After the comment, Richard's back once again cracked, bt this time it gained a beautifully curved arch that gave his new body definition along with his hips which curved inward and his newly formed abs on his tummy

Richard: Please!!!! Just change me and my girlfriend to the way we were. I have money, and will give you anything you want

The RPG: That won't be necessary! You're money i no good here. But what I do want is to see you become a sexy woman to fulfill your fantasy. I rally don't like being bribed there AMBER, its really gonna cost you when your hips and ass get a whole lot bigger. Keep in mind I can make things a whole lot worse for you. It might just be best to cooperate

Soon after that, Richard's hips widened to given him a pear shape as they thickened with fat along with his ass which grew to epic proportions as is grew round and plump.

The RPG: Why don't we give you a pair of sexy thick legs too! You'd look fun with a huge ass and small legs after all

Richard: Sure why not, and why don't you make it to where they make my ass moves sexually while I walk while you're at it

The RPG: That's the spirit! What a great idea girl, kudos! ( Playing along doesn't make it any better for you) Why don't you test out your new sexy walk.

As richard felt his body involuntarily move with his new thick legs, he felt his big sexy booty gain a twitch when he walked

The RPG: Oh! I almost forgot the most important part. 

Richard: Oh no

The RPG: What do you mean? Its the best part. You'll fully become a woman when you get a nice vagina

Richard felt his dick pull up inside him, causing him or now her to have an involuntary feeling of arousal as it became a pussy, making her Amber rather than Richard

Amber: Just get it over with

The RPG: As you wish... your clothes all disappear and you become dressed in a skimpy leopard print bikini

As the message had said, Amber sexy body was left stark naked before being dressed in a tiny bikini that held up her breasts and barely covered her ginormous booty

Amber: Great, I'm a girl who has barely anything on. Didn't expect this

The RPG: From my point of view, I'd say its great. Finally you only remember yourself as Amber from now on. You take a selfie with your computer and send it to that nice role play guy before going with Samuel to the pool to have kinky sex in it with him.

Amber: No I d....., but she was cut off as her mind slipped to make her a bimbo. She giggled and turned to ass to the webcam and made a duck face before it took her picture. She sent it to some role play dude. Like who is that? Oh well, at least he gets to see my sexy ass hehehe. Amber left to the pool and had sex all afternoon with her boyfriend Samuel. " I hope you're not sending pictures over the internet again Amber, " said Samuel. Amber giggled and said, " I was just showing people how hot I was." Samuel sighed and said, " I can't stay mad at you. I just don't want some creep stalking you." Amber giggled again and made out with her boyfriend.

Elsewhere, the role play guy smiled as he added his new photo to his folder, transformed women, on his account.
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