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It was official, Richard was dying from an incurable disease and only had a few months to live. Having lost all hope, all he could do was wallow in his sorrow. Then one day his doctor called. Richard figured figured it was a customary call to see how he was doing, but it wasn't. The doctor had just found out about a new, experimental procedure that could possibly cure him. Seeing no alternative, Richard decided to go through with it. The next day he made his way to the doctor's office where he received an injection of a blue liquid. The doctor then took some blood work after the medicine had time to course through his body, and told him to expect a call after a few days for the results. However, very different results would take place well before that time.

When Richard got home, he started to feel terrible, worse than usual to compare. Things got stranger yet when his hair started to develop a natural curl before growing rapidly out of his and draping over his shoulders. With that his back gained more of an arch before his chest started to swell. The swelling continued and created a pressure that throbbed, causing two breasts to sprout out and grow until they were sized at a D cup. his height, which was an above average 6'1, started to lessen until he stood at 5'6 while his arms became more delicate and his shoulders narrower. It was then that Richard's lips became plumper and his face beautiful and feminine with striking blue almond shaped eyes. Richard's hips expanded drastically and then his ass started to put on mass, becoming massive and round to the point where any man would like to take a handful of it. His thighs got wider wider and hairless before feeling a pinch in his groin. This culminated in the loss of his dick and the formation of a wet vagina in its place. The new girl passed out from exhaustion only to wake up a few hours later with the ringing of a phone.It was the doctor who asked to speak to Richard only for Richard to tell him about the side effects

" Amazing!" said the doctor, " the serum completely changed your gender."

" I'm glad you're amused by this, " said richard in high pitched soprano voice, " I'm dying and now to make matters worse, I'm a chick too."

" Well that's just it..... the blood work tests indicate that the serum worked which means you're cured, " the doctor said quickly to calm her down

Richard was speechless at this good news and was told to come to the office at once to confirm the finding and for inspection of course. Richard's side effects to the serum were a medical anomaly of course. The side effects didn't seem to matter to other people since it gave them a new chance at life though it simply women rather than change them as well. Richard took on a new identity as Marie since it seemed more fitting and decided to spend this second chance at life as a healthy woman who worked out on a regular basis. She laughed to herself whenever men checked her out, not knowing what Marie's back story was and that the serum had done nothing to change her sexual preference. she only hoped to still find a nice girl now that she was given this new life.
ShinPersonaMaster Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Nice story.
BroJoe2015 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2016  Student General Artist
That's good, but can you change up the guy character's name, like Robert or John or even Allen
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