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In the wake of a storm, James was captaining his ship so that he could get plenty of fish to make a good profit. He knew it was dangerous to go out to sea at that time, but could not pass up the chance when all other fisherman were on land. However, James didn't know that this was no ordinary storm as he made his out to the big blue ocean.

After a day of good fishing, James made his way back to the mainland. He figured he could make it in time, but the fish he caught slowed his boat down and before he knew it, he was stuck in the middle of the storm. James did best to try and stay afloat but his ship was then caught in a strange pale pink vortex that soon enveloped the whole boat. He thought he was done for as his life flashed before his eyes, but he also felt a strange feeling. He would not only realize that he would survive his ordeal, but that the storm would change his live forever.

James' changes started with a pressure in his chest that ended up with two CC cup boobs pushing out of his chest. His entire frame shrunk with his height slipping down a few inches down to 5'7. His body frame also gained a perfect curvyness to it, especially in the waist line. After that long curly dirty blonde ha flowed out of his scalp down to the middle of his back before his face started to have a burning feeling. This caused his face to morph into that of one of a feminine nature with beautiful features and plump kissable lips. James' arms then grew smaller in proportions, becoming more effeminate as his back began to possess a defined arch. Soon thereafter, his hips widened greatly to give his body a womanly pear shape before his ass expandeed, growing bigger and bigger until it was pefectly plump and round.  James' new bottom heavy body immediately fell down due to the weight his butt now possessed and his thighs soon thickened up in the same fashion. It was then that he started to feel a pinching in his groin that was followed by a sucking sensation as his dick disappeared into his groin, creating a wet pussy. Her clothing that she was wearing altered and merged to become a black one piece winsuit that perfectly displayed her curves and beautiful round ass. As the storm cleared up, she saw the change that had occurred on her. She figured that she might as well start going by Jenna from then on, since she guessed, there was no way of going back. She only hoped that a girl with no i.d. could find a good job. With a body like hers, she would have no problem.
Gobbie2 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Fantastic idea!!
ShinPersonaMaster Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Interesting tale.
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August 31, 2015
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