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    Jameson had a pretty good life. He was going to college to get his bachelor's, had a lot of friends, and, best of all, a smoking hot girlfriend. However, Jameson was still not a confident person, unlike his girlfriend, Brianna who was extremely outgoing. Jameson sighed and muttered under his breath, " I wish I could be like her." Jameson didn't know that a passing fairy heard his wish and decided to grant it and shot a cloud of magic dust at him

    Jamison felt queezy all of a sudden as his insides began to rearrange. His face became more feminine until he looked like a beatiful woman. His hair grew just past his shoulders turned from blonde to a very light brown in the process. His body and shoulders shrunk down until he become very petite. He began to grow breasts, and they increasingly grew until they were a C-cup. They changes continued down his body as his ass gained more fat and became large, round, and heart shaped. His hips also widened which showed off his new curvy figure even more His legs also became more longer and more toned. He shrunk in height from 6 foot to a mere 5'3.  Finally his penis began to shrink until a wet pussy was in its place, making him a she. Her voice cracked and became high pitched.Her clothes began to change after that. The sleeves on his white t-shirt disappeared making her shirt into a tank top. His undershirt shrunk becoming a white bra that fit snugly around her breasts. Her jeans began to inch up her sexy, toned legs and become a lighter blue color. They became tighter until they were a tiny pair of jean shorts that hugged her larg ass very tightly. Her underwear became a pink thong that quickly popped in between her ass cheeks, making her tight shorts slightly more comfortable. Her mind changed and, she suddenly remembered that she had always been Jamie, the twin sister of Brianna. Speaking of which, Brianna walked up and saw Jamie, and said " Damn girl, you're looking good today." "Thanks sis," Jamie replied excitedly. " Wanna go to the mall and look for some hot guys, " asked Brianna. "Sure lets go," said Jamie. Brianna sighed. While she was a confident person she secretly wished she could be as outgoing as her sister Jamie
sallyane Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2015
oh wow be carefull of your wishes if only
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December 28, 2014
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